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Supplier NameTransas Navigation Ltd.
Address 1:199178 St. PetersburgTel Number:+78123253131
Address 2:Maliy pr.V.O., bld.54-4, lit."B"Fax Number:+78123253132
Address 3: Email:
Country:RUSSIACertifying Office:St. Petersburg
Certificate Number:SPB1811058Date of Issue:22/05/2018
  Expiry Date:21/05/2021 
Surveys, servicing and testing of Radio Communication Equipment
Annual Performance testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and Simplified Voyage Data Recorders (S-VDR)CONSILLIUM: VDR TYPE M4, F1, F2 S-VDR TYPE S1 JRC: SVDR TYPE JCY-1900, JCY-1950 NETWAVE: VDR TYPE NW-6000 SER. SVDR TYPE NW-5000 SER., NW-4000 SER. DANELEC: VDR TYPE DM 100 S-VDR TYPE DM 100
EPIRB shore based maintenance facilitiesSAILOR SG 406 SAILOR SGE 406
Inspection, performance testing and maintenance of AIS
Inspection, performance testing and maintenance of LRIT Systems, and SSA Systems