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Lloyd's Register Guidance Information
  General Overview of Ship Structural Vibration Problems  31/07/2015
  Guidance Notes for Wind Turbine Installation Vessels  19/11/2014
  Guidance Notes for Special Consideration Process for Materials Applications, July 2017  19/07/2017
  Guidance Notes for Appraisal of Flexible Pipe Systems  18/09/2018
  Guidance Notes on Requirements for Ships Intended to Carry IMSBC Group A Cargo  18/09/2018
  Guidance Notes for the Classification, Safe Design,Construction and Operation of Tugs  18/09/2018
  Ship Vibration & Noise Guidance Notes  18/04/2007
  Remote Inspection Technique Systems (RITS) Assessment Standard for use on LR Class Surveys of Steel Structure  29/10/2018
  Service Suppliers  28/08/2001
  Type Approval System Procedure, TA14, 2017  28/01/2015
  Software Conformity Assessment Module GEN PMS 2006  27/09/2007
  List of Approved Anchors  27/03/2019
  GTT Mark III & Mk V  21/08/2013
  GTT NO96  21/08/2013
  Mutual Recognition Products List  20/11/2014
  List of firms approved for thickness measurements of hull structure  20/01/2011
CAS Guidance
  MEPC Resolution 112(50) Amendments to the Condition Assessment Scheme  30/01/2004
  MEPC Resolution 111(50) Amendments to the Annex of the Protocol of 1978 relating to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ship, 1973  30/01/2004
  MEPC Resolutions 94(46) Condition Assessment Scheme  30/01/2004
  MEPC Resolution 155(55) Amendments to the Condition Assessment Scheme  24/02/2009
  MEPC Resolution 131(53) Amendments to the Condition Assessment Scheme  24/02/2009
  MEPC Resolution 99(48) - Amendments to the Condition Assessment Scheme - Adopted on 10th October 2002  21/02/2003
Class News CD Info
  Classification News. The latest Class News articles can be found here.  29/01/2015