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Deficiency Breakdown

LR Number: 9598189
Detention Date: 06/04/2021
Inspection Class: LR Class

This report presents breakdown of deficiencies for a particular detention.

01324Material safety data sheetsCARGONoNo
02105Steering gearCLNoNo
03108Ventilators, air pipes, casingsLLNoNo
03115Other (load lines)LLNoNo
04102Emergency Fire PumpSEYesNo
07199Other (Fire Safety)SENoNo
13103Gauges,thermometers etc.CLNoNo
13108Operation of machineryOPSNoNo
14118Other (MARPOL - annex I)POLNoNo
15150ISM related deficiencyISMNoNo
18302Sanitary facilitiesILO/MLCNoNo
18315Provisions quality and nutritional valueILO/MLCNoNo
18324Cold room, cold room cleanliness, cold room temperatureILO/MLCNoNo

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