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Deficiency Breakdown

LR Number: 9441300
Detention Date: 07/06/2011
Inspection Class: LR Class

This report presents breakdown of deficiencies for a particular detention.

01106document of compliance (DoC/ISM Code)OPSNoNo
01308Records of restOPSNoNo
01309Fire control plan - all shipsSENoNo
02108Electric equipment in generalCLNoNo
03103Railing, cat walksLLNoNo
04103Emergency lighting, batteries and switchesCL/SENoNo
04109Fire drillsOPSNoNo
04110Abandon ship drillsOPSNoNo
07105Doors within main vertical zoneSENoNo
07114Means of control (opening,closure of skylights,pumps etc. Machinery spaces)SENoNo
07116Ventilation, fire-dampers, valves, quick closing devices, means of controlSENoNo
09229Winches and capstansCLNoNo
09230Adequate lightingCLNoNo
09235Fitness for duty - work and rest hoursOPSNoNo
10109Lights, shapes, sound-signalsSENoNo
11108Inflatable liferaftsSENoNo
14101Control of discharge of oilPOLNoNo
15107Emergency preparednessISMYesNo

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