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Date Range: 1 Jan 1995 to 6 May 2021 inclusive
Inspection Class: LR Class

This report presents the analysis of individual deficiencies for a particular flag state during a given date range.

0100 : Ship's certificates/logbooks
0100ship¿s certificate/logbooks10.05%
01100 : Certificates & Documentation - Ship Certificate
01101cargo ship safety equipment30.15%
01102cargo ship safety construction20.10%
01104cargo ship safety radio10.05%
01107safety management certificate (SMC/ISM Code)10.05%
01108load lines (including exemption)20.10%
01113safe manning document40.20%
01117prevention of pollution by oil (IOPP)40.20%
01119International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate20.10%
01122International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC)10.05%
01123Continuous synopsis record20.10%
01124International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP)10.05%
01132tonnage certificate10.05%
01134other (certificates)40.20%
01199Certificates (Other)10.05%
01200 : Certificates & Documentation - Crew Certificate
01201Certificates for masters and officers110.55%
01209Manning specified by the minimum safe manning document30.15%
01214Endorsement by Flag State30.15%
01220Seafarers` Employment Agreement (SEA)50.25%
01300 : Certificates and Documentation - Document
01305logbooks/compulsory entries10.05%
01306Schedules for watchkeeping personnel50.25%
01307Table of Working Hours40.20%
01308Records of rest70.35%
01310Signs, indications (WT doors, fire detectors, fire dampers, ventilation)80.40%
01314Shipboard oil pollution emergency plan (SOPEP)120.60%
01315Oil record book130.65%
01316Cargo information20.10%
01317Cargo record book10.05%
01320Garbage record book100.50%
01324Material safety data sheets10.05%
0200 : Training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers
0220Certificates of Competency10.05%
0299Other (STCW)10.05%
02000 : Structural condition
02101Closing devices/watertight doors160.81%
02103Stability/strength/loading information and instrument10.05%
02105Steering gear180.91%
02106Hull damage impairing seaworthiness40.20%
02107Ballast, fuel and other tanks170.86%
02108Electric equipment in general170.86%
02109Permanent Means of Access10.05%
02110Beams,frames,floors - operational damage20.10%
02111Beams, frames, floors - corrosion50.25%
02112Hull - corrosion30.15%
02113Hull - cracking30.15%
02114Bulkheads - corrosion30.15%
02115Bulkheads - operation damage20.10%
02116Bulkheads - cracking10.05%
02117Decks - corrosion70.35%
02118Decks - cracking20.10%
02126Cargo vent system10.05%
02128Additional Safety Measures10.05%
02131Other (Bulk carriers)10.05%
02199Other (structural condition)20.10%
03000 : Water/Weathertight condition
03102Freeboard marks90.45%
03103Railing, cat walks90.45%
03104Cargo and other hatchways201.01%
03105Covers (hatchway-, portable-, tarpaulins, etc.)231.16%
03106Windows, side scuttles20.10%
03107Doors (gaskets, closing, devices)150.76%
03108Ventilators, air pipes, casings402.02%
03109Machinery space openings40.20%
03110Manholes/flush scuttles40.20%
03112Scuppers, inlets, and discharges60.30%
03115Other (load lines)140.71%
0400 : Food and catering (ILO 147)
04000 : Emergency Systems
04101Public address system30.15%
04102Emergency Fire Pump120.60%
04103Emergency lighting, batteries and switches221.11%
04106Emergency steering position communications/compass reading10.05%
04108Muster list20.10%
04109Fire drills30.15%
04110Abandon ship drills80.40%
04113Water Level Indicator50.25%
04114Emergency source of power - emergency generator90.45%
04117Functionality of Safety Systems10.05%
04118Enclosed space entry and rescue drills10.05%
05000 : Radio communication
05102Functional requirements10.05%
05105MF/HF radio installation80.40%
05107Maintenance/duplication of equipment10.05%
05109VHF radio station20.10%
05110Facilities for reception of marine safety information20.10%
05111Satellite EPIRB 406mhz/1.6 Ghz30.15%
05113radar transponder30.15%
05114Reserve source of energy30.15%
05115Radio log (diary)40.20%
05117Other (radio)70.35%
05118Operation of GMDSS equipment10.05%
0600 : Life saving appliances
0615Rescue boats10.05%
0670portable radio apparatus for survival craft10.05%
0699Other (life-saving)10.05%
06000 : Cargo operations including equipment
06104Lashing Material30.15%
06105Atmosphere testing instruments20.10%
06107Cargo operation30.15%
06108Cargo density declaration10.05%
0700 : Fire safety measures
0710Fire prevention structure10.05%
0730Fire fighting equipment and appliances10.05%
0745Ventilation, fire-dampers, valves, quick closing devices, means of control10.05%
0799Other (fire safety)20.10%
07000 : Fire safety
07101Fire prevention structure190.96%
07103Division - main zones50.25%
07104Main vertical zone20.10%
07105Doors within main vertical zone130.65%
07106Fire detection120.60%
07108Ready availability of fire fighting equipment180.91%
07109Fixed fire extinguishing installation271.36%
07110Fire fighting equipment and appliances231.16%
07111Personal equipment90.45%
07112Emergency Escape Breathing Device70.35%
07113Fire pumps170.86%
07114Means of control (opening,closure of skylights,pumps etc. Machinery spaces)140.71%
07115Fire dampers331.66%
07116Machinery Spaces10.05%
07116Special Spaces10.05%
07116Ventilation, fire-dampers, valves, quick closing devices, means of control402.02%
07117Jacketed piping system for high pressure fuel lines100.50%
07118International shore connection20.10%
07119Other (fire safety)140.71%
07120Means of escape70.35%
07122Fire control plan20.10%
07123Operation of Fire Protection systems30.15%
07125Evaluation of Crew Performance30.15%
07126Accumulation of Oil40.20%
07199Other (Fire Safety)90.45%
08000 : Alarms
08103Fire alarm20.10%
08104Steering-gear alarm10.05%
08107Machinery controls alarm10.05%
08111Other (alarms)50.25%
0900 : Safety in general
0925musters and drills20.10%
0950Electric equipment in general10.05%
0990Enhanced survey programme (ESP)20.10%
09100 : Working and Living Conditions - Living conditions
09102Dirty, parasites10.05%
09106Sanitary facilities120.60%
09109Pipes, wires (insulation)30.15%
09110Electrical devices, flying wires10.05%
09111Sick bay20.10%
09112Medical equipment20.10%
09122Record of Inspection10.05%
09123Other (crew and accommodation)70.35%
09124Galley, handling room (maintenance)100.50%
09131Cold room10.05%
09132cold room temperature20.10%
09138Other (food)10.05%
09200 : Working and Living Conditions - Working Conditions
09204Safe means of access30.15%
09206Safe means of access deck-hold/tank, etc.20.10%
09207Obstruction/slipping, etc.30.15%
09208Protection machinery20.10%
09211Steam pipes and pressure pipes40.20%
09213Gas instruments40.20%
09215Other (working spaces)60.30%
09216Personal equipment20.10%
09218Protection machine/parts10.05%
09219Pipes, wires (insulation)30.15%
09221Entry dangerous spaces (instructions, warnings)10.05%
09222Other (accident prevention)80.40%
09223Gangway, accommodation ladder70.35%
09225Loading and unloading equipment70.35%
09226Holds and tanks30.15%
09227Ropes and wires50.25%
09228Anchoring devices30.15%
09229Winches and capstans100.50%
09231Other (mooring)40.20%
09232Cleanliness of engine room341.71%
09233Guards/fencing around dangerous machinery parts50.25%
10000 : Safety of Navigation
10101Pilot ladders40.20%
10104Gyro compass40.20%
10105Magnetic compass130.65%
10106Compass Correction Log40.20%
10107Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA)10.05%
10109Lights, shapes, sound-signals251.26%
10110Signalling lamp10.05%
10113Automatic Identification System (AIS)50.25%
10114Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)70.35%
10116Nautical publications341.71%
10118Speed and distance indicator40.20%
10119Rudder angle indicator40.20%
10125Use of the automatic pilot10.05%
10127Voyage or Passage Planning80.40%
10128Navigation bridge visibility20.10%
10129Navigation Records20.10%
10130Other (navigation) 70.35%
10133Bridge operation40.20%
10135Monitioring of Voyage or Passage Planning50.25%
10136Establishment of working language on board10.05%
10138Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)20.10%
1100 : Carriage of cargo and dangerous goods
1138Liquefied gases in bulk60.30%
11000 : Life saving appliances
11102Lifeboat inventory100.50%
11103Stowage of lifeboats60.30%
11104Rescue boats160.81%
11106Fast rescue boat10.05%
11108Inflatable liferafts30.15%
11110Stowage of liferafts20.10%
11112Launching arrangements for survival craft170.86%
11113Launching arrangements for rescue boats60.30%
11115Means of rescue20.10%
11119Immersion suits20.10%
11123Emergency equipment for 2-way communication10.05%
11124Embarkation arrangements survival craft50.25%
11126Means of recovery of lifesaving appliances10.05%
11128Line throwing appliances10.05%
11129Operational readiness, maintenance and inspections100.50%
11131On board training and instructions120.60%
11132Maintenance and inspection40.20%
11133Other (life-saving)50.25%
11134Operation of Life Saving Appliances30.15%
11135Maintenance of Life Saving Appliances10.05%
12000 : Dangerous Goods
12107Fire protection cargo deck area10.05%
12109Special requirements10.05%
12111Other (tankers)40.20%
13000 : Propulsion and auxiliary machinery
13101Propulsion main engine271.36%
13102Auxiliary engine532.67%
13103Gauges,thermometers etc.70.35%
13104Bilge pumping arrangements40.20%
13106Insulation wetted through (oil)100.50%
13107Other (machinery)1115.59%
13108Operation of machinery20.10%
1400 : Propulsion and auxiliary machinery
1410Propulsion main engine10.05%
14100 : Pollution Prevention - MARPOL Annex I
14101Control of discharge of oil60.30%
14102Retention of oil on board120.60%
14103Segregation of oil and water ballast10.05%
14104Oil filtering equipment211.06%
14105Pumping, piping and discharge arrangements of oil tankers30.15%
14107Oil discharge monitoring and control system60.30%
1410815 PPM alarm arrangements100.50%
14109Oil/water interface detector10.05%
14110Standard discharge connection10.05%
14118Other (MARPOL - annex I)50.25%
14119Oil and oily mixtures from machinery spaces20.10%
14121Suspected of discharge violation20.10%
14400 : Pollution Prevention - MARPOL Annex IV
14402Sewage Treatment Plan130.65%
14403Sewage Comminuting System10.05%
14405Other (MARPOL Annex IV)20.10%
14500 : Pollution Prevention - MARPOL Annex V
14503Garbage management plan80.40%
14504Other (MARPOL - annex V)60.30%
14600 : Pollution Prevention - MARPOL Annex VI
14601Technical Files10.05%
14614Sulphur oxides10.05%
14617Sulphur content of fuel used10.05%
14800 : Pollution Prevention - Ballast Water
14802Ballast Water Record Book10.05%
14804BW exchange10.05%
14806Crew training and familiarization10.05%
1500 : Safety of navigation
1540Gyro compass10.05%
1550Lights, shapes, sound-signals10.05%
15000 : ISM
15101Safety and environmental policy40.20%
15102Company responsibility and authority50.25%
15104Master`s responsibility and authority60.30%
15105Resources and personnel20.10%
15106Development of plans for shipboard operations201.01%
15107Emergency preparedness120.60%
15108Reports and analysis of non-conformities,accidents and hazardous occurences90.45%
15109Maintenance of the ship and equipment381.91%
15111Company verification,review and evaluation30.15%
15112Certification,verification and control20.10%
15113Other (ISM)30.15%
15150ISM related deficiency140.71%
15199Other (ISM)60.30%
16000 : ISPS
16101Security Related Deficiencies20.10%
16105Access control to ship50.25%
1700 : MARPOL - annex I
1730Oil filtering equipment10.05%
17000 : Other
17101Other (safety in general)201.01%
17102Other (SOLAS operational)100.50%
17103Other (MARPOL operational)20.10%
18100 : Unspecified
18104Recruitment and placement service10.05%
18199Other (Minimum requirements)10.05%
18200 : Unspecified
18202Legal documentation on work and rest hours10.05%
18204Calculation and payment of wages10.05%
18205Measures to ensure transmission to seafarer`s family10.05%
18299Other (Conditions of employment)30.15%
18300 : Unspecified
18302Sanitary facilities70.35%
18305Hospital accommodation (Sickbay)10.05%
18311Messroom and recreational facilities70.35%
18312Galley, handling room (maintenance)20.10%
18314Provisions quantity40.20%
18315Provisions quality and nutritional value50.25%
18316Water, pipes, tanks40.20%
18318Food temperature10.05%
18324Cold room, cold room cleanliness, cold room temperature30.15%
18326Laundry, Adequate Locker30.15%
18399Other (Accommodation, recreational facilities...)40.20%
18400 : Unspecified
18401Medical Equipment, medical chest, medical guide20.10%
18407Lighting (working spaces)10.05%
18409Dangerous areas20.10%
18410Gas instruments10.05%
18412Personal equipment30.15%
18418Winches & capstans30.15%
18420Cleanliness of engine room10.05%
18421Guards - fencing around dangerous machinery parts10.05%
18424Steam pipes, pressure pipes, wires (insulation)30.15%
18425Access/structural features (ship)10.05%
18428On board programme for the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases10.05%
18429Procedure for inspection, reporting and correcting unsafe conditins and for investigating and reporting on-board occupational accidents10.05%
18432Risk evaluation, training and instruction to seafarers20.10%
18499Other (Health protection, medical care....)60.30%
2000 : SOLAS related operational deficiencies
2000SOLAS related operational deficiencies20.10%
2025Abandon ship drills10.05%
2035Fire control plan10.05%
2055Manuals, instructions, etc.90.45%
2500 : ISM related deficiencies
2535Development of plans for shipboard operations10.05%
2540Emergency preparedness10.05%
2545Reports and analysis of non-conformities,accidents and hazardous occurences20.10%
2560Company verification,review and evaluation10.05%
2600 : Bulk carriers - additional safety measures
2620Endorsement of cargo booklet10.05%
2700 : Maritime Security
2751Restricted area10.05%
2760Screening Process10.05%
9800 : All other deficiencies
9800all other deficiencies (clearly hazardous to safety, health or environment specified in clear text)10.05%
9900 : Other deficiencies
9900other deficiencies (not clearly hazardous to safety, health or environment specified in clear text)20.10%
99100 : Unspecified
99102Other (SOLAS Operational)20.10%
99103Other (MARPOL Operational)10.05%

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