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Date Range 
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Date Range: 1 Jan 1995 to 18 Sep 2019 inclusive
Inspection Class: LR Class

This report presents the analysis of individual deficiencies for a particular flag state during a given date range.

01100 : Certificates & Documentation - Ship Certificate
01102cargo ship safety construction11.79%
01108load lines (including exemption)11.79%
01123Continuous synopsis record11.79%
01200 : Certificates & Documentation - Crew Certificate
01201Certificates for masters and officers23.57%
01209Manning specified by the minimum safe manning document23.57%
01300 : Certificates and Documentation - Document
01315Oil record book23.57%
01320Garbage record book11.79%
03000 : Water/Weathertight condition
03102Freeboard marks11.79%
04000 : Emergency Systems
04103Emergency lighting, batteries and switches23.57%
04114Emergency source of power - emergency generator11.79%
05000 : Radio communication
05110Facilities for reception of marine safety information11.79%
05111Satellite EPIRB 406mhz/1.6 Ghz11.79%
06000 : Cargo operations including equipment
06101Cargo securing manual11.79%
07000 : Fire safety
07101Fire prevention structure11.79%
07110Fire fighting equipment and appliances11.79%
07113Fire pumps11.79%
07116Ventilation, fire-dampers, valves, quick closing devices, means of control23.57%
07122Fire control plan11.79%
07126Accumulation of Oil11.79%
09100 : Working and Living Conditions - Living conditions
09102Dirty, parasites35.36%
09124Galley, handling room (maintenance)23.57%
09200 : Working and Living Conditions - Working Conditions
09222Other (accident prevention)11.79%
09232Cleanliness of engine room11.79%
10000 : Safety of Navigation
10105Magnetic compass11.79%
10109Lights, shapes, sound-signals11.79%
10116Nautical publications35.36%
10127Voyage or Passage Planning23.57%
11000 : Life saving appliances
11102Lifeboat inventory35.36%
11125Embarkation arrangements rescue boats11.79%
13000 : Propulsion and auxiliary machinery
13104Bilge pumping arrangements11.79%
14100 : Pollution Prevention - MARPOL Annex I
14104Oil filtering equipment11.79%
14118Other (MARPOL - annex I)11.79%
15000 : ISM
15102Company responsibility and authority11.79%
15104Master`s responsibility and authority11.79%
15105Resources and personnel11.79%
15108Reports and analysis of non-conformities,accidents and hazardous occurences11.79%
17000 : Other
17101Other (safety in general)11.79%

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